SCHEDULED CLOSURES (Holidays / Election Days)

As posted by The LA Clerk's Association                                          Copy of Holidays 

UNSCHEDULED CLOSURES (Weather events, Governor's Declaration, Etc. )

Tuesday August 24, 2020 through (Pending) - Due to Hurricane Laura

COVID-19 Response - Reduction of Hours Extended (4-9-2020)

COVID-19 Response - Reduction of Hours (3-24-2020)

Friday February 21st, 2020 (3:00-4:30) Mardi Gras parade / road closures
Friday October 11th, 2019 (3:00-4:30) Presidential Motorcade         

Friday July 13th, 2019 (Full Day)  Due to Hurricane Barry                   
Wednesday Dec 26, 2018 (Full Day) Governor's Proclamation          




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