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Criminal Priority Lists are filed with the Clerk from the Calcasieu Parish District Attorneys Office. We post them to our website as they are filed as a convenience to the public. Dates and names are subject to change by the Judge or District Attorney.

If a list you are expecting to find is not posted please contact Nancibelle Vallee Hardy, Director of IT Services at 337-437-3558 ext 139 or email IT Support at

PRIORITY LIST          Date Posted         Division           Judge              

Judge's Offices

Judicial Administrator
Michelle Pitsch
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District Attorney's Office

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05-08-2023        04-26-2023             E               Ritchie

05-22-2023        05-09-2023             D               Wyatt

05-30-2023        05-18-2023             G              Canaday

06-05-2023        05-24-2023             F               Ware

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